Credit Card Processing for Online Gambling Websites

Online Gambling Credit Card Processing

Online gambling websites provide the possibility for impressive profit and revenue generating capabilities. Unfortunately, not many traditional credit card transaction processors are prepared to accept the risk, because of the large number of chargebacks, and the possibilities of fraud.

For an online gambling company to best serve its customers, owners need to set up a credit card processing account with Red Sand Financial, which benefits owners by providing the option to process large numbers of transactions without huge fees. A Red Sand Financial credit card processing account will also protect the online gambling business owner from any potential fraud attempted by any customers.

Online Gambling Credit Card Processing
First Name
Last Name
Street Address
Phone Type
Business Information
Legal Business Name
Type of Business
Type of Entity
When were you incorporated?
Credit Information
Bank / Lender
Other Information
Do you have a 9 digit D-U-N-S number?
D-U-N-S #
Do you know your Business Paydex Score?
Paydex Score
How much unsecured business capital are you seeking?
Have you ever filed for Bankruptcy?
When did you file bankruptcy?
Have you ever been in Foreclosure?
When were you in foreclosure?
Are there Judgements, Collections or Liens on your Credit Report?
Enter any extra helpful information...
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