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What Is Unsecured Business Funding?

Unsecured Business Funding is essentially acquiring available lines of credit through the use of bank and credit union credit cards for the purpose of financing a small business. The process typically results in $50,000 to $150,000 in financing per business principal.

The financing is per principal of a business. This can be a business owner, officer, investor, or board member who elects to use their personal credit to facilitate the approved credit limits.

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Secured vs Unsecured Loan

The success of a small business can be tied directly to their ability to access working capital. You simply cannot grow a business without capital. The UNSECURED FUNDING provides fast access to working capital.

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Funding Process

First, we never charge a client anything in advance of their receiving credit approvals. We start by providing each client with a Funding Range Report. This report provides a detailed analysis of the client’s personal credit reports and scores.

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Credit information

As they say, it takes money to make money. At Red Sand Financial we understand that and want to help companies be able to have access to the cash that they need in order to expand their business and grow to the next level.

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